New Fine Art study path has born

On 12th December 2013 The Finnish government has accepted new licenses for Universities of Applied Sciences (polytechnics). The decision follows a proposal by Minister of Education and Science Ms. Krista Kiuru (sd). Tampere University of Applied Sciences receives a permanent operating license. In the license there is no mention about fine art education.

This means that TAMK does not take new students to fine art education program. After this decision Finland is the only country in Europe where is no education for fine art professions in the second largest city of the country.

There is plan for a Fine Art study path in English inside the Degree Programme in Media. Information for applying is found here: www.admissions.fi and www.tamk.fi/entranceexam

Directors of TAMK have planned to move the remaining fine art students to Kankaanpää. However, the Ministry of Education and Culture recommend all Universities to offer courses for students in closed programmes too. Current TAMK Fine art students will be able to follow their study program in TAMK.

Thank You all who supported Tampere Fine Art Department!